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* India Null I had my initial visit at COEM with Dr. Herbert on Friday. I have spent 2 years progressively getting sicker with suspected Lyme. The visit was a full day and the most productive medical appointment I've ever had, and I've seen 11 doctors in the past 2 years. Dr. Herbert was very knowledgable and caring. She spent so much time with me and really listened. I've never felt so confident in a doctor. She is up to date on the most recent medical literature and attended the ILAD's Lyme conference last month. I left with a detailed plan of care and finally have hope that I will get better. She has restored my faith in the medical community. I cannot recommend her enough. I just wish I'd found her sooner. Thank you, Dr. Herbert!!. Dec 2016   *(Results may vary)
* Amy Chiconas At a time when healthcare is changing - and largely for the worse - COEM is a bastion of hope and all that is good about medicine, especially patient-centered, functional medicine. With a background as a functional nutrition coach, I am familiar with functional medicine and know how hard it can be to find a reputable functional practitioner, much less an entire practice of functional physicians. COEM came highly recommended and their team - especially Dr Bettina Herbert - did not disappoint. From the moment I left the office after Day One, I was able to pick up the phone or email the team to ask questions about medications, symptom changes, etc. And I'd receive a response within 24 hours, many times within just an afternoon. Within two weeks after my initial visit to the Center, I experienced remarkable improvements. I came in foggy, with an immune system flaring, and largely in pain physically. Just two months later, I was running road races again. None of this would have been possible without Dr Herbert and her comprehensive approach (nutrition, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals). Nov 2016   *(Results may vary)
* Beth Franklin Morrone Thank you Dr. Weirs for your expert care and persistence in determining the cause of symptoms, recommending beneficial treatments, and continuing to encourage us thru the healing journey. We highly recommend COEM!. Oct 2016   *(Results may vary)
* Anna Shyfrina I'm a new patient, just got started a few months ago. It is so great to read these wonderful reviews, truly gives me hope for healing! After seeing so many doctors I feel like these are the first doctors that not only understand me but also know what they're talking about. I have been sick from mold for several years I'm ready to get better!. Apr 2016   *(Results may vary)
* Traci Hill Dec 2015   *(Results may vary)
* Adele Roueche' Gonzales This is an amazing practice where they really care about what is going on with their patients. The staff is wonderful to deal with. They have helped me so much with my food allergies, etc. A big thank you to COEM!. Nov 2015   *(Results may vary)
* Samantha Shucavage I would 100% recommend this to anyone and everyone! After being treated by Dr. Lieberman and the incredible staff at COEM, my whole life has changed. It's like night and day! I can't sing their praises high enough! They don't take insurance so it is a bit pricey, but don't let that deter you. It is absolutely worth every penny to feel this good. Please, if you are considering visiting them, go ahead and do it!. Oct 2015   *(Results may vary)
* Jaime Floyd I was desperate when I came to COEM for help and I have improved drastically since seeing them! I highly recommend going to them as a first resort and not a last resort. They get to the root of the problem and not just give you a Band-Aid like most doctors. The staff is amazing and they really care about helping you, not just about making money. It is worth every penny you invest because it's an investment in your health and living a long full healthy life!!! They are my lifelong doctors for myself and my family. I am beyond thankful for the work they do! Don't suffer as long as I did go see them now!. Oct 2015   *(Results may vary)
* Karmen Hill - Duncan Oct 2015   *(Results may vary)
* Rebecca Joiner Hart He saved my life 17 years ago! Most thorough health history I ever had. I'm now a Nurse practitioner. Sep 2015   *(Results may vary)
* Mary Foster Mar 2015   *(Results may vary)
* Leigh Fowler Philon Mar 2015   *(Results may vary)
* Mirela Monte Dr. Lieberman and Dr. Weirs are simply extraordinary! They are real healers. They take the time to find out exactly what the symptoms are. They listen carefully and pay attention, then they help the body heal itself, not by pushing a series of drugs, but by educating the patient and helping them back to health in the most natural and fortifying way possible.

They are both A+ in my book and if you are a patient, you'll know what I mean. They simply do not compare to most other doctors. Simply put, they are exceptional!. Jul 2014   *(Results may vary)
* Lisa Hall Jul 2014   *(Results may vary)
* Angel Marie And-Associates I highly recommend the Center for Occupational & Environmental Medicine. I trust their methods and staff. People from across the globe come to this center for treatment. Tell Susan Sealy, Angel Marie @ Angel Marie & Associates referred you. May 2014   *(Results may vary)
* Kathy McCabe Dr. Lieberman and his team are simply the best. Feb 2014   *(Results may vary)
* Scott Koenig Feb 2014   *(Results may vary)
* Ginny Hinkle Gallina Feb 2014   *(Results may vary)
* MariaBella Daomilas Cabiling Soriano Jan 2014   *(Results may vary)
* Margaret Collins GREAT DOCTORS AND STAFF VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE. Dec 2013   *(Results may vary)
* Andy Irene Pinckney Dec 2013   *(Results may vary)
* Cherrie Thomas Harim Dec 2013   *(Results may vary)
* Katie Gironda Dec 2013   *(Results may vary)
* Wendy Longmeyer Bremer Dec 2013   *(Results may vary)
* Connie Benton Fabor Nov 2013   *(Results may vary)
* Donna Harris Pruitt Sep 2013   *(Results may vary)

*Joanie Tolbert Boyd I refer a lot, and am saddened to see people suffer when I know GREAT help is available. Keep up what you all are doing. I am so thankful for every step of progress Brouck has made - that you all made possible and keep making possible. Feb 2011   *(Results may vary)

*Kim Hammersmith Owens I refer everyone with an autoimmune disease your way. Dr. Lieberman has helped me so much - thank you all for what you do! Feb 2011   *(Results may vary)

*Jimmy Sadler I watched a most remarkable example of this in your testing room. A Five year old child who started going page by page through a book for the first time ever. What you guys do is nothing short of miraculous. Feb 2011   *(Results may vary)

*Jimmy Sadler Well, for what they do, compared to everyone else I was seeking help from, they were exceptionally reasonable, especially considering the time, attention and breadth of treatment protocol. But in hard times, I understand that can be a make or break. I certainly didn't have any extra. And it's sad that as remarkable as they have been in helping people, that many insurance companies won't accept them! Mine did cover it in retrospect. Feb 2011   *(Results may vary)

*Kristy Yourdailydoseofsarcasm West And thank goodness he did. You all have saved Tayton's life. Before your treatments and suggestions he was having 10+ seizures a day and we were being investigated by child services for abuse because we didn't want him on a seizure med that we thougt would surely kill him. We cleaned up our home and every aspect of ourl ife and just a few years later he's almost completely seizure free!! With NO medications! Thank You so much for all you do. I will forever be grateful for the time you spent on his care. He wasn't just a number, I could call and say his name and you knew who he was. I hope you continue to touch lives of people for a long time to come! Feb 2011   *(Results may vary)

*Carol Herbertson Eason When I couldn't get help anywhere else you helped me and I am doing so much better! I recommend ya'll to everyone I know. Feb 2011   *(Results may vary)

*Rogie Nelson Thank you, Dr. Lieberman and Dr. Callahan (formerly of COEM). Dr. Callahan spoke at an Wholistic Health Workshop that I organized several years ago in Sumter, SC. He was so good...people today still ask when he is coming back to Sumter. He blew every one out of the water with information regarding Mammograms, Breast Cancer, Progesterone (natural) and Estrogen Dominance. Wow!!! Outstanding presentation! Jan 2011   *(Results may vary)

*Kristy Yourdailydoseofsarcasm West No wonder I felt better when I was exercising and lost 20 pounds last year! I've been trying to find motivation, you may have just given it to me thank you COEM! Jan 2011   *(Results may vary)

*Jimmy Sadler Glad to see you guys on here... just want to say THANK YOU for Dr. Lieberman and the staff... you truly gave me a different life. Over the years, you have also helped so many of my friends. Nov 2010   *(Results may vary)

*Kristy West You did that for Tayton's initial visit and it made it so helpful! We were expecting to go in blind and have to drain our savings. Instead everything was quite reasonable and knowing ahead of time allowed us to prepare. Thanks! Nov 2010   *(Results may vary)

*Eileen Winder Congratulations, Dr. Lieberman! This honor is extremely well deserved!! Nov 2010   *(Results may vary)

*Danna Gasque CrookYou gave me hope when all others spoke nothing but doom and gloom - there is hope if you are trying to find ROOT causes of illness and not just adding insult to an already injured body by treating just symptoms.
You have been a BLEESING in my life and I Thank YOU !! Nov 2010   *(Results may vary)

*Beth Burk how true this is! my family knows this first hand and I thank you ALL for helping my little brother with his illness
Once again, YOU GUYS ROCK! Oct 2010   *(Results may vary)

*Beth Burk you have helped my brother, tony, so much! hats off to you and your staff! boooooooyaaaaaw! Oct 2010   *(Results may vary)

*Beth Burk It's just a miracle. KUDO's to you ALL! Much Love. Please tell him hi for me and i love him ♥ Oct 2010   *(Results may vary)

*Mirela Monte Doctor Lieberman:
Since being in your care, I feel infinitely better and I am armed with so much information. Thank you for all you do! You are amazing! Oct 2010

*Mary Crone Good Site Oct 2010   *(Results may vary)

*B.w. Holland Thanks too all at the center..its kept me alive for sometime,and the hand of god. Oct 2010   *(Results may vary)

*JoAnne Squyres Deibert I am very happy to see that COEM has a fb page. Now it will be easy to help my friends! Sept 2010   *(Results may vary)

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