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In 1999 the Center for Occupational & Environmental Medicine (COEM) announced the beginning of its new program of Preconception Care. To date, this is one of the most exciting programs ever offered at the Center and certainly the most profound and rewarding.

Dr. Lieberman’s interest in preconception care began in 1995 while attending a meeting of the British Society for Nutrition and Envrionmental Medicine in London. Dr. Niels Ward presented the clinical and research data which was collected from well baby clinics since before World War I. When analyzed it became readily apparent that health outcomes for life are determined not only by what happens to us while in utero, but – even more importantly – by what state of health our mother and father were in 100 days prior to conception. From this startling information came the beginning of a movement in England pioneered by Belinda Barnes to improve preconception care. This remarkable woman has accomplished, without any medical degree, what no medical establishment has ever accomplished – a near perfect record of pregnancy outcomes:

  • No pre-mature births
  • No miscarriages
  • No birth weight below 5 lbs, 2 oz.
  • No congenital malformation
  • No need for neonatal intensive care

Based on an audit in 1990 of 367 couples who participated in the preconception program, 327 conceived and 327 babies were born. Even more amazing was the 86% record of fertility for documented infertile couples. When compared to a control population or the presently existing statistics, the achievements of England’s program of preconception care are astounding. Newsweek Magazine’s September 23, 1999 issue highlighted Dr. Peter Nathanielcz’s book Life In The Womb, The Origin of Health and Disease, describing Dr. N’s ideas as a revolution in the making. Newsweek notes “the book addresses one of the most startling and important health findings of the twentieth century … how we are ushered into life will affect how we leave it.”

While Dr. Nathanielcz’s findings were described as “ideas”, Belinda Barnes’ achievements are reality. Over the years, this kind and generous lady has shared her knowledge and experience with those physicians who would listen. In London in 1995, Dr. Lieberman listened and returned to Charleston, SC inspired and imbued with the knowledge and experience which could change the lives of so many people.

COEM is pleased to offer this remarkable program to those potential parents who are motivated to do whatever it takes to provide their babies with lifelong health. The Center wishes to acknowledge the generous help of Dr. Harold Buttram of Pennsylvania who shared his knowledge and experience with this program here in America.

If you are considering this program and would like greater details about costs and treatments, click here to fill up the primary registration form and download the information forms for this treatment.

COEM....Concepts Of Environmental Medicine
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COEM....Concepts Of Environmental Medicine
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