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Patient Testimonials

To read in-depth testimonials from patients who have benefited from treatment at The Center, click on any of the following topics:

Austin’s Story:  A Mother’s Testimonial

Haddon’s Story:  A Mother’s Testimonial
Reed’s Story:  A Grandmother’s Letter

Breast Health and Thermography
Charlene's Story: Happy Birthday? - The Shock of A Breast Lump

Coming soon…

Toxicity and Chemical Sensitivity
Essie’s Story:  Surviving 9/11—A Patient’s Story of Chemical Sensitivity
To read more in-depth testimonials from patients who have benefited from treatment at The Center, click here.

In order to learn from our patients and improve our performance at The Center, we give all new patients a Survey to complete at their leisure.  We love that we get many, many positive comments like the following…

Other Comments from Our Patients:

“I have been told by numerous people what a wonderful place this was.  I totally agree.”

“Beyond my expectations!”

“I felt very comfortable the moment I met my historian and the doctor.  [The doctors] looked at each [physical] complaint and gave me a reason/answer I could understand.”

“I am so glad to finally find a practice that understands what my health needs are.”

“[The doctor] was willing to address multiple issues:  bladder, infertility, hormones, weight loss, etc.”

“Being a foreigner puts me in a special position regarding understanding issues that I’m not familiar with, but I felt able to understand what I was told since I came in.  It was clear, supportive, and overall respectful and holistic.”

[Please rate your doctor on the following]:
“Clinical knowledge:  Unbelievable!
Compassion:  Warm, friendly!
Courtesy:  Smiles!
Understood my clinical concerns:  Definitely!”

[Please rate your doctor on the following]:
“Clinical knowledge:  Excellent
Compassion:  Excellent
Courtesy:  Excellent
Understood my clinical concerns:  Excellent”
Mercury Poisoning

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