In Environmental Medicine, we concentrate on finding the causes of an illness rather than just treating the effects.  Although our practice is scientifically evidence-based, we focus more on diet, lifestyle, and preventive measures.  Our patients understand that we do not just want to lessen their symptoms for today, but to build true health for tomorrow, as well.

To learn more about our preventive approach to some common health problems, click on any of the following topics:

Asthma and COPD
Breast Health and Thermography
Chemical Toxicity and Sensitivity
Digestion and Assimilation
Fertility and Preconception (Having a Baby)
Haddon’s Story:  A Mother’s Testimonial
Headache and Migraine
Heart Attack and Stroke
Indoor Molds
Longevity (Anti-Aging) Medicine
Know Your Numbers
Oxygen Multi-Step Therapy
Stopping Smoking
Women’s Health Programs

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