What is The American Board of Environmental Medicine?
The American Board of Environmental Medicine (ABEM) was established in 1988 as an independent, non-profit organization to certify the competency of physicians who practice the discipline of Environmental Medicine. The Board of Governors of ABEM consists of distinguished physicians with international representation and expertise in the education, research, and clinical practice of Environmental Medicine as well as their own primary specialties. 

ABEM’s Mission:
The Board’s mission is to establish and maintain the educational and testing criteria for board certification to ensure optimal standards and quality in the practice of Environmental Medicine.

What is Board Certification?
The ABEM certificate in Environmental Medicine is awarded after all the following requirements have been met:

  • Licensed by an accredited medical school in the United States, Canada or other countries.
  • Successfully completed ABEM’s certifying exam including Part I (written) and Part II (oral).
This exam certifies that the physician is competent in the practice of Environmental Medicine. Certification by the American Board of Environmental Medicine assures that the physician has attained a high degree of excellence in the delivery of medical care. Each physician has demonstrated a high level of professional achievement, setting a standard that allows patients to choose with confidence a physician certified in Environmental Medicine. Through examination and education, the certified physician has demonstrated proficiency in the following diagnostic and treatment areas:

Allergy, intolerance and autoimmune disease
Pollution factors
Occupational health and injury
Toxicology: acute and chronic effects
Assessment of risk to exposures
Evaluation of chronic conditions complicated by environmental triggering factors

How Do You Know If Your Physician Is Board-Certified?
A board-certified Environmental Physician possesses a certificate from ABEM and is referred to as a “Diplomate” of ABEM. Most board-certified Environmental Physicians have attained full membership in the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) and are referred to as “Fellows” of AAEM. They are entitled to use this designation in all formal communications. This is the highest status one can attain in the practice of Environmental Medicine.

For more information on Board Certification, contact:

American Board of Environmental Medicine
65 Wehrle Drive
Buffalo, NY 14225
Phone: (716) 833-2213
Fax: (716) 833-2244

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