We have assembled information on products that can help you reduce the amount of chemicals you are exposed to in your every day life. However, because technology is changing constantly and new products appear frequently, it is not always possible for us to keep our information updated. For this reason, we have also recommended other sites on the Internet we feel are excellent resources. You may know your own resources, as well.

IMPORTANT:  The following are arranged alphabetically only, not in order of importance. Your doctor at The Center can help determine which categories would be best for you to address first.
Bedding and Pillows
Bed pillows
Body Care (Personal Care) Products
Dental care
Hair care
Soaps & shaving creams
Shoe polish
Tampons for women
Toilet & facial tissues
Home Care Products
General guidelines about household cleaning
Cleaning and disinfecting products
Laundry products
Other cleaning and deodorizing products
Scouring powder
Shoe deodorizers
Window cleaner
Mold control
Home Filtration of Air and Water (Also for Cars)
Air filtration (air purifiers) for the home
Air filters, personal
Air filtration for your automobile (car cabin)
Water filtration & cleaning systems
Home Renovation, Decorating, and Construction
House paint
Stove, oven, hot water heater, heating system
Window treatments
Open in the Charleston, SC area:  Dwellsmart
Indoor Plants as Air Filters
Stove, oven, hot water heater, heating system
Window treatments
Opening in the Charleston area during november 2007 - dwellsmart
Nourishment: Food and Cooking
Food storage containers
Organic food sources in the Greater Charleston Area
Organic food delivery to other cities in Eastern South Sarolina
Organic food sources listed in a state by state directory
Home gardening products (for growing vegetables and fruits)
Reading Resources (Bibliography)
Allergy control and nontoxic products
Childrens’ special problems
Diet and recipes
Environmental medicine and environmental illness
Home construction, renovation, and sick building syndrome
Yeast (candida)

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