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Many of these books may be found in your local library and Internet bookstores such as and

Clean And Green by Annie Berthold-Bond.  The complete guide to nontoxic and environmentally safe housekeeping.

Common Sense Pest Control by Olkowski, Daar, and Olkowski. Least toxic solutions for your home, garden, pets, and community.

The Complete Book Of Allergy Control by Laura J. Stevens. How to track down, treat, and cope with hidden allergies that may be wrecking your health.

Coping With Your Allergies by Natalie Golos and Frances Golos Golbitz. Completely revised and updated.  How to set up a safe environment, including diet, special recipes, clothing, household goods, and special unique stress reduction techniques.

The Healthy Household by Lynn Marie Bower. A complete guide for creating a healthy indoor environment.

How To Grow Fresh Air by B.C. Wolverton - This revolutionary guide, based on 25 years of research by NASA, shows how common houseplants can combat sick building syndrome and cleanse the home or office of common pollutants. Pub. Date 1997

Least Toxic Control of Pests In The Home And Garden by Beyond Pesticides, 202 543-5450,

Living Safely In A Polluted World: How To Protect Yourself And Your Children From Chemicals In Your Food And Environment by Richard Mackarness. Hardcover Pub. Date 1991.

Nontoxic And Natural:  A Guide For Consumers by Debra Lynn Dadd. This resource book lists entries for over 300 categories and over 1,000 products to help you substitute safe products for hazardous ones. A wonderfully handy and readable source guide. An excellent source for creating healthy environments.

Our Toxic World: A Wake Up Call by Doris J. Rapp, M.D. Pub. Date 2004.

The Poisoning Of Our Homes And Work Places by Jack Thrasher, Ph.D. and Alan Broughton, M.D. A very informative book of the serious health hazard of indoor air pollution.

The Whole Way to Allergy Relief And Prevention by Jacqueline Krohn, M.D., Frances A. Taylor, M.A., and Eria Mae Larson, R.N.  A complete guide to the comprehensive, holistic treatment of allergies and environmental illness.
Allergies And The Hyperactive Child by Doris J. Rapp, M.D. This book will aid you in determining if allergies are the basis for activity, behavior, and learning problems in children who manifest behavioral and learning problems. Pub. Date 1980.

Allergies And Your Family by Doris J. Rapp, M.D. An indispensable reference for the entire family. Discusses the detection and prevention of allergies in every age group (2-week diet included). Pub. Date 1990.

Biological Treatments for Autism and PDD by William Shaw, Ph.D. A comprehensive guide to current research and medical therapies for autism and PDD.

Help For The Hyperactive Child by William G. Crook, M.D.  A guide for parents of children with hyperactivity, attention deficit, and other behavior and learning problems.

The Impossible Child in School – At Home: A Guide For Caring Teachers and Parents, Revised by Doris J. Rapp, M.D., Dorothy L. Bamberg, Ed.D, Nancy MacDonald (Illustrator), Lendon Smith (Introduction). Excellent resource for teachers and parents who are perplexed by the growing number of children who manifest behavioral and learning problems. Pub. Date 1995.

Is This Your Child? By Doris J. Rapp, M.D. Discovering and treating unrecognized allergies. Pub. Date 1992.

Is This Your Child’s World?: How You Can Fix The Schools And Homes That Are Making Your Children Sick by Doris J. Rapp, M.D.  An excellent reference for teachers and parents to help us recognize the common toxic exposures in our schools and homes. Pub. Date 1997.
Allergy Cooking With Ease by Nicolette Dumke. No wheat, milk, eggs, corn, soy, yeast, sugar, grain, and gluten cookbook.

The Allergy Self-Help Cookbook by Majorie Hurt Jones. Natural food recipes – free of wheat, milk, eggs, corn, yeast, sugar, and other common food allergens.

The Betrayal Of Health, The Impact Of Nutrition, Environment And Lifestyle On Illness In America by J.D. Beasley. Describes the impact on health from environmental toxins and lifestyle.

Coping With Candida Cookbook by Sally Rockwell. A simple handbook on how to recognize and control problems caused by yeast overgrowth.  Tasty, low carbohydrate recipes and menu plans.

The Cure Is In The Kitchen And You Are What You Ate by Sherry Rogers, M.D. Book is about macrobiotic programs.

Easy Bread Making For Special Diets by Nicolette Dumke. Contains more than 190 recipes for breads, pastries, and deserts for special diets.

Eating Dangerously: The Hazards Of Allergies by Richard Mackarness. Hardcover 1st ed Pub. Date 1976.

Excitotoxins, The Taste That Kills by R.L. Blaylock. Neuroexcitor amino acids in MSG, its relatives, and in aspartame.

Higher Choices: Life Enhancing Recipes by Janet Lasky, Toni Chaplin (Illustrator), Robin Schwartz (Photographer). Pub. Date 1999.

In Bad Taste, The MSG Syndrome by G.R. Schwartz. An indictment of monosodium glutamate and its close relatives.

Sally Rockwell’s Allergy Recipes, Revised, by Sally Rockwell. Color-coded 4 day rotation diet. Automatically rotated for you. Each colored section represents a day. Offers recipes free of gluten, grains, soy, peanut, dairy products, egg, yeast, and refined sugar.  Pub. Date 1996.

Living Safely In A Polluted World: How To Protect Yourself And Your Children From Chemicals In Your Food And Environment by Richard Mackarness.  Hardcover Pub. Date 1991.

The Super Allergy Girl Gluten-Free, Casein-Free, Nut-Free Allergy and Celiac Cookbook by Lisa A. Lundy. Contains more than 225 recipes and 100 pages of essential information. Recipes do NOT CONTAIN wheat, gluten, milk, casein, lactose, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, or coconuts.

What’s Left To Eat? Custom Diets and Elimination-Rotation Diets by Sally Rockwell. Pub. Date 2003.

The Yeast Connection Cookbook by William G. Crook, M.D. and Majorie H. Jones, R.N.  Contains easy to follow instructions for selecting and preparing fast and nourishing foods appropriate for anyone recovering from yeast-related illness.  A companion to The Yeast Connection.
An Alternative Approach to Allergies by Theron G. Randolph, M.D. and Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D.  Dr. Randolph, founder of Environmental Medicine as practiced by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, offers a different approach to treating many physical and mental illnesses which are caused by our increasingly contaminated environment.

A Canary’s Tale by Jacob B. Berkson. Personal anecdotes about dealing with MCS as well as a discussion of the politics of the environment, including hundreds upon hundreds of resources for every topic pertaining to environmental illness.

The E.I. Syndrome by Sherry Rodgers, M.D. Information about inhalant allergy, chemical allergy, Candida Syndrome, nutritional deficiencies and toxicities.

Environmental Medicine, Beginnings And Bibliographies of Clinical Ecology by Theron G. Randolph, M.D. An comprehensive history of the key concepts of environmental medicine.

Human Ecology and Susceptibility To The Chemical Environment by Theron G. Randolph, M.D. An important and essential source of information for the avoidance of the major chemical excitants in the environment.

Wellness Against All Odds by Sherry Rodgers, M.D. Many self-help tips for getting well, fully supported by referencing studies.
Healthy House Answer Book:  Answers To The 133 Most Commonly Asked Questions by John Bower and Lynn M. Bower. Pub. Date 1998.

Healthy House Building For The New Millennium: A Design And Construction Guide by John Bower. Pub. Date 2000.

The Healthy House: How To Buy One, How To Build One, How To Cure A Sick One by John Bower. Pub. Date 1997

The Healthy School Handbook edited by Norma Miller. Conquering the Sick Building Syndrome and other environmental hazards in and around your school.

The Household Environment And Chronic Illness by Guy Pfeiffer, M.D. and Casimir Nickel, F.A.C.H.A. Guidelines for constructing and maintaining a less polluted residence.

The Non-Toxic Home And Office by Debra Lynn Dadd. How to protect yourself and family from every day health hazards, eliminated indoor pollution, and guard against sick building syndrome. An excellent source for creating healthy environments.

Why Your House May Endanger Your Health by Alfred V. Zamm, M.D. with Robert Gannon. A guide for the millions of people who suffer illness because their homes have become contaminated with chemicals, poisonous vapors and other contaminants.

Your Health and Your House, A Resource Guide To Health Symptoms And The Indoor Air Pollutants That Aggravate Them by Anderson and Benoist. A compilation of information from experts and authors in the field of indoor air pollution.

Your Home, Your Health, And Well-Being by David Rosseau, William J. Rea, M.D., and Jean Enwright. Ideas on how to design or renovate your home or apartment to be free of outdoor and indoor pollution.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & The Yeast Connection by William G. Crook, M.D. Shows data suggesting an interrelationship between co-existing conditions.

The Yeast Connection Cookbook by William G. Crook, M.D. and Majorie H. Jones, R.N. Contains easy to follow instructions for selecting and preparing fast and nourishing foods. A companion to The Yeast Connection.

The Yeast Connection Handbook by William G. Crook, M.D. Describes relationships which have been observed between the common yeast, Candida albicans, and human illness.

The Yeast Syndrome by John Parks Trowbridge. Describes the Yeast Syndrome and relates case histories. Contains helpful dietary guidelines and state-by-state reference of physicians who treat this syndrome.

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