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Carpet is not desirable.  New carpet contains many volatile organic compounds, also fungicides, pesticides, formaldehyde, and toxic dyes with heavy metals.  Older carpet holds dirt and mold.  It can not be satisfactorily cleaned without adding chemicals to the indoor air.  If you must have carpet, select cotton or wool fibers.  Berber can be better.  With some researching, you can buy low odor carpet.

To clean a carpet with a carpet shampooing machine, mix 2 cups of white vinegar with 1 to 1 1/2 gallons of hot water.  May also be applied to rug with wet rag, taking care not to saturate backing or padding.  Dry thoroughly and air until dry.

Alternatives to carpet are hardwood floors with outgassed varnish or polyurethane and ceramic tile which is odorless and easy to keep clean.  Floating, glueless laminate floors (such as Pergo and many other brands) have very little outgassing.
There are many paints available on the market today that are considered “no odor / no VOC” (volatile organic chemicals).  Look for a paint that has Green Seal Certification.  Usually the odor from these paints may be undetectable after three days of outgassing.  We also recommend that indoor painting be done during cooler times of the year so that the windows can remain open for airing. Check out the Safe Paint website at, 888 714-9422
Must be electric to be environmentally safe. DO NOT USE NATURAL GAS. A healthy house is not connected to a gas line. Gas is associated with various health problems, especially respiratory problems. Older gas furnaces develop rust holes in which gas fumes enter the forced hot air and poison the air circulating in the home. Wood burning stoves are also a health hazard indoors and outdoors. Dangerous chemicals are released during burning.

See the books Why Your House Can Endanger Your Health by Alfred V. Zamm and Robert Gannon, 1982, as well as Your Home, Your Health and Well Being by David Rousseau, Jean Enwright,  and W.J. Rea, 1988.
Wallpaper is not desirable. Wallpaper is made with several volatile organic compounds and is impregnated with insecticides and fungicides. It can be conducive to mold growth.
Metal blinds are a healthy window treatment choice – they should be cleaned on a regular basis. Select natural fabrics for curtain, shades, swags, etc. which can be washed in the washing machine and/or vacuumed on a regular basis.
DWELLSMART in the Charleston, SC Area
DwellSmart sells healthy and environmentally-friendly products for homes and other interior environments (e.g., offices, schools, churches). Their products include: non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, and organic products for interior cleaning, personal hygiene, air and water filtration, and bed and bath. They also carry non-toxic, recycled, and sustainable alternatives for interior remodeling, renovation, and construction.

Their new store is open at 615 Johnnie Dodds Blvd in Mount Pleasant. Contact Mary Gatch (843) 882-9007 office,

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