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Select 100% cotton sheets (without anti-wrinkle treatment) bedspreads, and mattress covers. Avoid polyester, as it outgases more than any synthetic material, exposing you to chemicals. Use several layers of cotton blankets or old all-cotton quilts placed over the mattress to protect yourself from the chemicals in the mattress such as flame retardants. Wash frequently.

Use all cotton barrier cloth, sold by many of the specialty allergy companies to encase mattress and box springs. Use blankets made of tolerable natural fiber such as wool or cotton.

Avoid acrylic blankets. Avoid electric blankets since the embedded wiring can produce unacceptably strong electromagnetic fields.  Warming up an acrylic blanket increases the outgassing of the synthetic chemical odors from the acrylic fibers.

Sources for bedding: Gaiam Inc,, 877 989-6321 (toll free), sells organic sheets;
The Cotton Place,, 800 442-2383; L.L.Bean Inc,, 800 441-5713; Land’s End,, 800 800 5800.

Mail order 100% cotton pillows, or make your own by filling a cotton pillow case with cotton towels, diapers, sheets, blankets, or other cotton material. Wash frequently.

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