The Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine is one of the few resources for the practice of Environmental Medicine in the entire Southeast. We have been providing comprehensive treatment for pediatric and adult patients for nearly 30 years. Since the pioneer days of Louis Pasteur 140 years ago, medicine has been fixated on the role of microorganisms as the cause of disease.  Now, as we enter the 21st century, we are more aware of the air we breathe, the foods we eat, and the chemicals that pollute our air, food and water as a cause of disease. Included in these environmental factors are also all forms of radiation.

We find environmental factors to be especially important in chronic illness. People are often astounded to learn that their chronic pain and their multiple signs and symptoms involving almost every organ and tissue in their body was being caused by foods they were eating, pollens or molds they were breathing, and other environmental triggers. The age old questions asked by all patients, “Why me?” and “Why now?”, do have answers.

Environmental Medicine encompasses three important segments of medicine:  allergy/immunology, toxicology, and nutrition.  Identification and treatment of food and inhalant allergies, infections, nutritional deficiencies, and toxicity are just some of the many facets of our comprehensive treatment programs.  The majority of our patients have been previously evaluated and treated by multiple other specialists, without relief of their symptoms.  We take the time to develop and monitor individualized treatment plans designed to heal the whole body, not just relieve symptoms.

Dr. Allan Lieberman, our founder, the medical director and a former pediatrician, is board certified by the American Board of Environmental Medicine (ABEM) and a member in good standing of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine.  He has been practicing medicine for 48 years.

Our doctors are supported by a team of 15 professionals who staff our in-house services:  medical laboratory, allergy testing department, allergy extract mixing lab, thermography lab, Biodetoxification Center, administrative staff, and clinical and health education support for our patients.  In addition, we have a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Massage Therapist available by separate appointments.

The Center is housed in 10,000 square feet of environmentally safe medical offices, making it a restful haven for the chemically sensitive.

We invite you to review our entire website and/or feel free to personally call us at (843) 572-1600 and ask questions.  We welcome the opportunity to partner with you in gaining optimal health.

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