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Maximum Capacity

We treat people here at the Center, not just symptoms.  We have our patients fill out detailed histories from birth to the present which include questions designed to reveal anything which could have affected the patient’s present state of health.  A trained staff member called a historian helps patients give our doctors the information they need to make recommendations they believe will make patients healthier, enabling their bodies to do the job they were designed to do.

Environmental medicine, which is what we practice at the Center, is concerned with the “total stress load” a patient carries.  Dr. Lieberman often says, “People don’t just get sick; they are made sick.”  He likes to compare the human body to an elevator which has a maximum capacity.  The elevator doesn’t care which passengers get on or off, and as long as that maximum capacity is not exceeded, it probably will work just fine.  Our bodies can handle a certain amount of stress, and different people have different ‘maximum capacities,” but if too many “passengers” get on your elevator, you are going to have trouble functioning, and you may even become incapacitated.

Those passengers may include our genetic makeup, infection, injury, allergy, poor diet choices, substance abuse, chemical or toxic exposures, as well as, emotional or mental stress from relationships, school or work.

If your elevator is too full, let us help you get some of the excess passengers off so that you can handle the ones that are left.

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