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Healthy for Life Weight Loss

Healthy for Life Weight Loss Program | Hidden Causes of Weight Gain | A Patient’s Story: I Had Accepted the Fact that...
Let's Break the Cycle in 2009! The Healthy for Life Weight Loss Program at COEM can help you do just that!

Let's Break the Cycle in 2009! The Healthy for Life Weight Loss Program at COEM can help you do just that!

Almost as soon as the ball drops at Times Square many people start making resolutions to improve their health.

If your New Year's resolution is to lose weight, you aren't alone.

According to ABC News, 45 percent of Americans vow to lose weight as the New Year approaches. However, each year, many people try to go it alone without any support. This is the # 1 way that we set ourselves up for failure. We all need support. Not just from our family and friends, but from people going through the same journey, dealing with the same addictions and bad eating habits.

Let's break this cycle in 2009! The Healthy for Life Weight Loss Program at COEM can help!

We are very pleased to offer a system that maximizes your success because it addresses all the major reasons for obesity:

  • Decreased carbohydrate tolerance and poor blood sugar control (acquired or genetic)
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Food allergy and food addiction, which are controlled by individualized food allergy drops.
  • Nutrient deficiencies that decrease metabolism and increase cravings
  • Lack of medical and professional support for adequate length of time
  • Lack of knowledge about food choices (starving is NOT a desirable option)
  • Lack of knowledge about safe exercise for overweight individuals
  • Inability to maintain desired level of functioning when dieting

Our program is designed to not only successfully produce weight loss in our patients but to improve their health, energy, and fitness levels. This is accomplished by means of:
  • In-depth medical/laboratory assessment prior to entering the program
  • Counseling on appropriate diet, exercise, allergy, and other individualized factors
  • Weekly injections of lipotropic (fat-burning) nutrients that decrease hunger
  • (yes-these really work!)
  • Specific nutritional supplements, including licorice oil that reduces abdominal fat.
  • NO amphetamines, diet pills, herbal stimulants, or unhealthy gimmicks of any kind

As a medical practice, it is in our best interest, too, if you succeed. As your weight normalizes and the very real and severe medical risks caused by obesity are diminished, our ability to help you in other ways with your health is facilitated. Your success in this program makes our overall job as your chosen health care provider much easier. We consider ourselves partners with our patients in this program, and that is why we wish to give you the best tools and knowledge we have to make this program work for you.

You know the reasons why you, yourself, wish to lose weight and look and feel better. But did you know that the US government, medical and even insurance industries recognize the enormous risks and costs of obesity and are willing to do something about it? In April 2002, the Internal Revenue Service recognized obesity as a disease, instead of a precursor to other diseases. You may now claim weight loss programs which are under a physician's guidance (such as this one) as a medical expense when you file your taxes. The cost of diet foods is not included, but if your insurance company does not yet provide reimbursement for a weight loss program (many do now), then the cost can be itemized as a tax-deductible medical expense.

We look forward to helping you achieve your weight loss and health goals.

Call and schedule your consultation today, 843-572-1600! What do you have to loose, except the weight?

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